For Somebody

Every waking moment
a painful reminder
of the distance
keeping us separate

It’s as though
my hands are reaching
for something
I can’t touch

Time and space
between us both
only serves to cause
another heartache
another teardrop
another painful flashback

It’s almost surreal
whenever our paths

She makes me whole
filling empty spaces
in my heart
like elixer
my parched soul

She plants roses
in my veins
and paint colours
in my mind
She makes reality
a little more tolerable

Her voice
a cheerful tinkle
resonates throughout
my entire being
undulating even
the dustiest chords
in my soul

Her eyes
those soulful windows
searches the recesses
of my soul
helping me
find myself

Her scent
a lingering fragrance
that never seems
to dissipate
from my mind

She’s the reason
I remain awake at night
She has turned reality
into a sweet dream

And every night
I pray for her
I slip into slumber
to dream of her